Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Working toward the final project!

Use this blog post to share your current thoughts on what you would like to do for your final project in this course.  Post this by next week so I can set up a process for providing feedback.

You may also use this post to tell me what kind of feedback you would like for this final project.  For example, it might be useful to bring an outline of your idea to class next week for peer feedback.  Or, you may want to send it to me to provide feedback.  Similarly, you may want to share a draft and get feedback.  Remember, though, if you want feedback on something more developed you need to provide time for someone to read it and respond :)


celia said...

I am considering a design research proposal.The topic is "how design is experienced by teachers and engineers." I developed it a little bit in my Inquiry class, but I think it is interesting if I could analyse more and justify my research questions from a design perspective:)

§adieLovingtonNibblesworth said...

I'm doing design identity, and composing a philosophical approach that stems from interpretations of classical psychotherapy and modern existentialism.

I want to draw upon some design texts and some fundamental problems and expand upon them in a new light.

For instance, the idea of "boundaries" angers me quite a bit. Also, the idea of mutual exclusion from both a design and logical point of view can be reworked in many ways depending upon the situation. I will detail some of those situations.