Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Greyhouse - Wednesday at 11:30

Hi all,

This is our final meet time - come with a one page (one object?) overview of your paper as a way to tell us what you did and what you got out of it. Remember, it doesn't need to say everything - it just needs to set up the conversation.

Everyone will have about 8 minutes to give us an overview and time to ask questions. This will be relatively informal. I will put some examples on blackboard - but don't feel constrained to these. The goal is to communicate what you've been doing and to "intrigue" us to ask questions to find out more.

Oh - and I'll buy the coffees / cocoas / teas and stuff to nibble :)

Don't forget to do course evaluations - and you can use the Blog to share it with the group. If you'd rather not be "open" about it - then at least do it for yourself as a placeholder of what you took away from the experience. I fully anticipate there is room for improvement and have very much enjoyed doing this class with you all.