Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Week 8 - Cognition and Design

The readings for this week (Hunt and HPL) give an overview of cognition and early approaches to articulating design as cognition (Simon Chp5). This is a fair amount of reading, but they are written for a broad audience and so should be "easier" to read than say, Goel and Pirolli. The first chapter of Simon is provided as a "for your information" and provides an in depth analysis of what he means by a "science of the artificial".

Simply put - as you read these consider:
(1) What is cognition? What does it have to do with how people process information, store and retrieve from memory, organize their knowledge, and reason?
(2) How can you relate these ideas to how people design and what they know about design? Feel free trying to connect these ideas to what we did this last week!