Thursday, September 3, 2009

Some thought questions for Sept 9

The topics of this week are "design knowledge" and "investigating design".

Getting a landscape view: Niedderer provides a short overview of the ways people talk about knowledge and Dorst & Lawson provide an expansive picture of the ways we understand design and designing. If we connect the two - how can they help us understand the nature of design knowledge (feel free to connect to your own experiences as well)?

Exploring methodologies before we read design studies: Craig provides an overview of common ways people have studied designers and designing; Matthews provides a more recent perspective (particularly, language and interaction). What are the many ways people study designers and designing, and what are their relative strengths and weaknesses? Which of the methods fit with your way of thinking or the kinds of things you might want to study about design?

Thoughts on Sept 2 class experience

What did you like about what we did? What do you wish we did?

How might this class fit with your personal goals?

Fall 2009!

Hello all,

This is our blog for the course - blog posts are due each week by Tuesday at 5pm.

Each week there will be some guiding questions to focus class discussion - but you are welcome to share your thoughts on any aspect of the readings that "hit your button" or made you think.

You may also continue a thought from an earlier post - it's open. Remember that the purpose of this is to help you think, let me know what you're thinking (or what questions you have about the readings/activities), and share your thoughts with your peers in this course.