Thursday, October 29, 2009

Week 11: Situated cognition view of design

The readings for this week give:
  • An overview of situated cognition theory and how it relates to learning (Greeno) - a little tough as a read - keep in mind that he is talking across behaviorist, cognition, situated cognition views and trying to pull them together
  • An overview of design as situated cognition (Visser) - good stuff, not always the easiest person to read :)
  • Read ONE of the papers by Dony or Crilly et al as an example of what it looks like to use these theories to student design (use the blog to let others know which one you are reading)

Down the road - next week I'll put up a post on the "analyzing design" Nov 18 project - to get a sense of what kinds of data people want to look at.

To keep it fun: Explore this link - what does this say about design thinking?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

HOK Architects - listening to their views on design

Hi all, this is the link Steve brought up in class where you can listen to people at a major architecture firm (HOK) talking about their views on design (click on Thought Leaders).

This might be something that can be explored in the week where we "analyze data" rather than read :)