Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Linking into the Design Community

If you follow this link you go to my research website where there is a list of communities I follow - most of these are in design.

The PhD in design listserve is the one where there has lately been an active conversation that includes Klaus Krippendorff and Harold Nelson (readings from last week).


Week 7 - Analyzing design

Your assignment for this week is to analyze some data of experts designing (or their thoughts on design). All the data files are posted on Blackboard for this week - please do not share these data files with anyone - they are not for public use. Each file has the full collection (debrief, protocol, and representation). The idea is for each person to come to class and discuss their observations with their partner, then with the whole class. It is not expected that you work together outside of class.

The groups are:
- Aidsa and James are looking at the debriefs - pick 5 "meaty" ones that both of you will analyze
- Celia and George are looking at the protocols - pick 2 that both of you will analyze
- CJ and Junqiu are looking at the representations - pick 10 that both of you will analyze

Your goal:
- Analyze this data and present next week (1) your top 3 observations and (2) evidence in the data that supports your observations.
- Draw on the ideas we've been discussing in class to find a way of talking about design knowledge and thinking
- Since you are working in pairs, an additional goal is to explore two (potentially different) takes on the same set of data!

We will also discuss the paper by Craig (below) - which gives an overview of the ways people study design (as well as the strengths of these approaches and their limitations). For those of you who are working towards a final project on studying design, this is a good start place to formulate those ideas.

Craig, D.L. (2001). “Stalking Homo Faber: A Comparison of Research Strategies for Studying Design Behavior.” In C.M. Eastman, W.M. McCracken & W. Newstetter (eds.), Design Learning and Knowing: Cognition in Design Education. New York: Elsevier Press. Read for general ideas – and language.