Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Week 9: Design as X Discussion

Explorations into Design as:
  • Ensemble
  • Wicked
  • Culture/Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Communication
  • User-Centered

Go to Blackboard to print out your own copy of our "book"!

Share your reflections on your experience by following the link below. Me, personally, reallly enjoyed it!

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§adieLovingtonNibblesworth said...

I think it was interesting that the order in which we presented flowed so smoothly. James' pieces worked very well with mine, as w*cked problems and the development of our understanding of them have evolved along with the engineer's role in society.

I made a note that related James' work to my own. I said that "selection" and "definitive formulation" are the same between w*cked problem and design as an ensemble. I think that is a very deep statement and revealed something at the core of both of our presentations - maybe it is something we should talk about in class for 2-3 minutes next time.

Another thing that is interesting to me is how many of us chose articles that were aligned with the type of person we are and our objectives as engineering educators. In the case of JQ, I couldn't imagine a better direction for him to take than engineering as "culture." (If I'm wrong about JQ presenting this, I apologize for the screwup in my notes).