Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Open thread week of Sept 24

Hi all,

Good work on delving into some really complex and slightly (ha ha) abstract ideas. I wanted to capture the open questions and put them here - if you want to continue adding questions (I think I missed a few) or chat...this is the place!

Application: How do you USE these ideas?
Agent of change: How do you bring forth a design culture?
Recency: These are new ideas and conversations - how do they relate to prior work - what should we hold onto (are they incommensurate or is there a way to connect them)?
Defining "design": Tension between a concrete (potentially universal) definition and an abstract (potentially situational) definition - how to enable room for change?

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Robin said...

For those interested in one person's philosophy of design - Gunnar Swanson put together a Flash movie at